Christopher Mills

Christopher has an extraordinary black book, a mind that never rests and a desire to make a difference.  His experience is extensive, spanning ten years, which has seen him collaborate to produce events for some of the world’s leading venues, fashion houses and luxury brands.

He is able to use this experience and knowledge, expertise in sales and marketing, fused together with a warm and patient personality, to assist other industry professionals, agencies and venues. This creative consultancy covers the following areas:

Styling & Conceptualisation / Marketing / Planning / Venue Tenders / Branding / Social Media / Coaching / PR & Communication / Referrals

Collaborating with Christopher on events is a truly exciting experience. His mind is unfazed by what others may see as impractical, and therefore is able to push the boundaries without fear. Unparalleled in his creativity he always puts forward unique, clever and immersive concepts that won’t fail to leave a lasting impression on your guests

Lucy Verner, Managing Director – Urban Caprice