We are continuously asked “what goes into planning an event?”, and our answer tends to always be “how long is a piece of string?”. The honest response is always going to be vague as each experience is different, tailored to requirement and unique in design, which is what makes event planning so exciting. Saying this however, it would be wrong of us to assume that there isn’t a rough formula across all event planners that can help to establish the main planning areas that need to be considered when developing a live experience. Each planner will be different, and none more so than The Events Mill, however if we ever have the pleasure of working with you then you will experience a fully integrated, all encompassing planning process that is there to support, enhance and maximise your experience. Our formula roughly follows the following guide:

The Purpose:

You never need an excuse to throw a party, however on most occasions a celebration is held to mark a specific date, anniversary or campaign. Perhaps you work for a company that is launching a new product, or you are hosting an immersive dining experience for Halloween, or even want to travel to the Middle East to be entertained by Arabian thoroughbred horses whilst sipping cocktails? Having a purpose helps us to gain an insight into your requirements, which acts as an anchor point to build from, but it is ok to not have a set agenda at this stage – after all, our experiences start with a blank sheet of paper anyway.

The Consultation:

Whether you choose to work directly with Christopher, the man behind our well known creativity, or alongside our team of expert designers, we will arrange an initial telephone consultation with you, followed by a pre-planning meeting to discuss your requirements, ideas and budget. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about us, to ensure you are comfortable with our process and to discuss any ideas you have with your specific plans.

The Budget:

Establishing what you wish to spend on your experience is a crucial. We know that our product is value for money, spent wisely and distributed to create the most incredible experiences, however to allow for the best solutions available you will need to have sufficient budget and an open mind. It is always a good starting point to ask yourself “What don’t I want to spend” and then work backwards from there. Some would say “Pigs Might Fly” and our response is always “Yes, they might one day”.

The Fee:

Before any further work takes place we will issue you a contract and invoice for all services involved in the planning of your event. Our cabinet of curiosities awaits!

The Creative Deck:

Developing original ideas is our forte and we have deploy the attitude that anything is possible. Our designs are beautiful and intelligent, of superior quality and full of innovation. We love to step outside of the realms of normality and take pride in being known for true originality, wherever possible encouraging our clients to try something new. You can expect a fully designed, clearly concise PDF that details the experience, our thought process and range of ideas. We like to call this our creative surgery as this is where we establish the nitty gritty and formulate the most exciting course of action to bring these ideas to life. We work with honesty and integrity and we know that we aren’t the right fit for all, and we will be honest with you if we feel that there might be a closer match in another event planner, based on information gathered and budget to spend.


The Location:

Our bureau service has access to the most beautiful and luxurious destinations across the globe, and a plethora of under the radar venues that open their doors to us on an exclusive basis. As part of the creative deck you will receive an in depth location and venue analysis that is rigorously fine tuned to the creative and practical requirements of your experience. Shortlisted venues will be selected and site visits will be scheduled.

The Development:

We have a team of producers, technical directors, designers and logistical managers to work through every detail required to deliver your event. Working alongside one point of contact you will be fully consulted on every choice selected for you, introduced to our suppliers and shown beautiful design plans and visuals where applicable. You are fully in control of your budget and we will advise on the most appropriate choices from production, prop sourcing, floral design to bespoke decor, entertainment and all of the legal and financial practicalities.

The Event:

You will never be expected to perform any logistical task if you work with The Events Mill to develop your experience. Our logistics teams have strict standards of delivery, take pride in their 360 degree ability and all share a passion for delivering work at the very top quality. A medium to large scale event would expect see the following team deployed at any single event: Creative Director or designer; producer; event operations manager; production manager; stylist.

The Follow-up:

We ensure our concierge service is available to you post-event to ensure you and your guests have everything you need. All administration will be dealt with on your behalf and we will schedule a follow up meeting with you to celebrate the success of your experience and to gather feedback. We take pride in our work and want to ensure we deliver the very best service possible.

So give us a chance! We won’t let you down! info@theeventsmill.com |0203 723 0195

Illustrations and visuals by: Charlotte Wosiek | Jana Doubkova | Anita Brown 3D Studio